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January 3, 2016


This year seems to be one of the quickest ones I can recall. Hard to believe it’s done with. Amazing to think I’m almost half through my first year as a public school teacher. I feel like we’ve accomplished a good deal, but I’m looking ahead for possibility. I know lots of people scoff at […]

My Death Cafe

December 28, 2014


I’m still alive. Maybe barely. But I am. I have been spending half of my nights at work (as in spending the night doing overnight respite work) and only half at home, except I’m still working the regular (and by regular I mean only sometimes regular) 40 hour work week. I’ve been working a lot. […]

Urban Foraged Dye Stuffs

October 21, 2014


My one skein of all white yarn. Lorna’s Laces. Gotten from an ebay purchase that shouldn’t have happened, but I had some wine and buying some more yarn seemed like a great idea at the time. What can I say? I hadn’t knit with Lorna’s yet and wanted to try it. But then my itch […]

Winter is the time to get stuff done

February 3, 2014


Despite the cold days that turned into 80’s overnight, our praying hands banana has set to flower and has its first beautiful bunch of bananas forming under the inflorescence – that’s what a banana flower is called in the plant world. Weird, huh? You can eat the inflorescence, but it seems a waste since even […]

They were all once just balls of string: what I’ve knitted this year.

January 7, 2014


So Christmas 2013 I got my first knitting needles. I toyed around with them, but until June when Tricia offered some assistance and pointers, I didn’t really knit in earnest. Since then, I’ve managed to whip out a few things. I don’t have pictures of everything, but I have pictures of the best things. The […]

The evolution of hobbies and commitment to good

July 28, 2013


Anyone else bad at updating anyone about their life when they’re actually busy living it up? I never fall behind on things. Ha! Our ducklings are [mostly] all grown up now. Well, the ones that managed not to get carried of [we think] by a hawk. There were 2 days in a week where they […]

Buddy the elf, what’s your favorite color?

November 28, 2012


The merriness is upon us, full swing. Fighting over who gets to wear the tree skirt or be santa claus has ensued and the planning of all manner of children’s crafts involving too much green and red is making my candy cane shoes do a maniacal shuffle. Farm to Fork was delicious, entertaining, full of […]