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June 23, 2016


Here it is again. Hot. Sticky. Humid. Except this time around, I’m at home spinning in circles trying to check things off to-do lists and clear out the excess junk in my life, both literally and figuratively. I made it through my first year teaching. Somewhat miraculously. Maybe one day I’ll learn to stop thinking […]

Getting out there

November 29, 2015


Having a week’s vacation has been blissful. Half of it was spent in a near panic about not having enough time to accomplish all the things I’d need to, but by the time Thanksgiving rolled around, I had pretty well settled into the week, was enjoying myself, breathing deeper, sleeping past my usual 6 am […]

What’s the difference between a Yam and a Sweet Potato?

June 1, 2014


A guest post by Nate! OMG! This may be old news for some of you, may be interesting to others, or may be a snooze to still others (so I’ll keep the nerd speak to a minimum). I’ve recently read a number of blog posts, articles, and heard from folks some breakdowns of the subtle […]

Snakes, a Recipe, & Aquaculture

February 28, 2014


Our snake friend is back! We love having guys like this around since they help keep our pest population down. I came across the shed skin near the fence in our yard and meant to bring it in to show the kids, but it needed to dry and I managed to forget it outside and […]

cinnamon & chipotle pear sorbet

February 18, 2014


A recipe. A delectable, sweet-with-just-enough-kick sorbet to both say goodbye to winter and welcome the equally smack-you-in-the-face all of a sudden arrival of florida’s non-existent “spring” where it will go abruptly from the 60’s to the 80’s. I stole my recipe…ish. It was intended to be a jam. I even intended for it to be […]

A Home Funeral: Choices In Death

November 11, 2013


I carpooled up to Gainesville, Florida today for a course on home funerals. If this freaks you out or sounds odd, just hear me out. The event was hosted by Final Friends of Gainesville, a helping group for education and assistance with home funerals. It was hosted by Freddie who also works with Prairie Creek […]

In Between Work

October 25, 2013


Wednesday was my last day as an Everyday Blessings employee (at least a daycare staff, I┬ámay still do some respite if time will allow it), but I went back yesterday to take my kiddos out to ice cream so we could have a proper goodbye. They didn’t leave – don’t leave – until today, but […]