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Me Made

November 7, 2015


Weekends mean bringing a great deal of work home with me since I took a job teaching 5th grade science and math this Fall. It’s the most intense, long-houred job I’ve ever held. Not unlike social service work, the good days are great and the bad days are pretty soul-crushing. This weekend, though, in addition […]

The evolution of hobbies and commitment to good

July 28, 2013


Anyone else bad at updating anyone about their life when they’re actually busy living it up? I never fall behind on things. Ha! Our ducklings are [mostly] all grown up now. Well, the ones that managed not to get carried of [we think] by a hawk. There were 2 days in a week where they […]

A Summer Menu in the Springtime

June 3, 2012


While Summer is coming later this month, in the 90+ degree heat of Tampa, it is hard to remember that technically it is still Spring and has been for a good while now. So when I chose a summer menu for the adoption celebration I went to last weekend, I was not taking into account […]