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On Bees: Our First Ever Hive Split [Attempt]

March 9, 2015


Today has been good, in the best sense of the word. We participated in a seed and plant swap with a really cool group of people over in Clearwater at the Beacon Community Garden which is on the grounds of the Unitarian Universalist church off Nursery Rd. One of our favorite people ever, Jungle Jay, […]

Fall 2014 Honey Harvest

September 3, 2014


In truth it is not just the fall honey harvest, but the only honey harvest of the year. Because we already are stealing our honeybee’s hard work, we try to minimize our impact somewhat by harvesting around August/September and unless the bees make an excess of honey between now and when it starts to dip […]

Winter is the time to get stuff done

February 3, 2014


Despite the cold days that turned into 80’s overnight, our praying hands banana has set to flower and has its first beautiful bunch of bananas forming under the inflorescence – that’s what a banana flower is called in the plant world. Weird, huh? You can eat the inflorescence, but it seems a waste since even […]

Bee Still

September 17, 2013


I’m practicing patience. Trying to be still on the inside – the hardest place to keep still and calm. We finished our classes for adoption and have our home study scheduled for next week. After that it’ll be a waiting game. Nothing else we can really do on our end except hassle the people who […]

She saw my eye and said, homesteading is not for the faint of heart.

October 15, 2012


Yesterday, post Fall Plant Festival at USF we were putting our purchases into the ground, and apparently we made a pass too close to the hive for their liking. One angry bee followed me over toward the car port and landed a whopper on my right eyebrow. It didn’t swell but a little at first, […]

I Never Imagined I Would Appreciate a Bee Sting or, Thank You For Sacrificing Your Life For An Actual Cause

October 8, 2012


Saturday night we traveled again to Sarasota to pick up our humming thrumming hive of honey bees. Because it has not been extracted this fall, the hive was very heavy and I opted to do the cheap thing and let the men do the heavy lifting. One of the men is even allergic to bees, […]