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January 3, 2016


This year seems to be one of the quickest ones I can recall. Hard to believe it’s done with. Amazing to think I’m almost half through my first year as a public school teacher. I feel like we’ve accomplished a good deal, but I’m looking ahead for possibility. I know lots of people scoff at […]

My Death Cafe

December 28, 2014


I’m still alive. Maybe barely. But I am. I have been spending half of my nights at work (as in spending the night doing overnight respite work) and only half at home, except I’m still working the regular (and by regular I mean only sometimes regular) 40 hour work week. I’ve been working a lot. […]

All Work & No Play…

July 20, 2014


makes Charlei a very exhausted girl. Despite thinking originally that summer would leave me working even fewer part-time hours than I was before, it has instead left me working 50+ hours a week for almost the last month including some solid weekends (from Friday morning until Sunday night including overnights) which hasn’t been an entirely unpleasant […]

The Top 10 Things That I Love About Kids

May 28, 2014


This applies to kids in general, but I’m thinking specifically of the ones that I spend the majority of the work week with at the children’s home. My lovely 28 children, the whole messy lot of them, ages 2-17. 10. Volume. I am not a quiet person. I appreciate that it is not only acceptable […]

Springtime Separations

April 11, 2014


 More of my kiddos are leaving. Sometimes they leave and I’m grateful for them and happy for them and wishing them well and telling them to call or write, but knowing that, come on, they’re 4, of course they won’t, but they feel better that I asked and I feel better knowing I expressed my […]

Teaching the tiny (and not so tiny) people

January 23, 2014


Nate’s new job as the cook at the children’s home is going great. He feels like he’s still in the learning curve, but you know it’s going well when the elementary school kids think dinner is so good they ask if they can go tell the cook thanks, and his thanks includes a big hug. […]

Reviewing, Revelling, and Hugelkulturing

January 3, 2014


I reviewed a list of sort-of resolutions from 2012 and had to laugh. I accomplished 2 out of the 16 things. In 2 years time. But let’s look at what we have accomplished since Gnarly Farms became a thing. 1. Since April 2012 we’ve had 23 litters of bunnies kindled on the property, and we […]