About Us

Nate farms. Charlei farms. Gnarly farms.

We are just two people with a fervor for our food. Both of us work full time jobs that are unrelated to our little urban farm. Our home and farm is located on a corner lot in Old Seminole Heights and we share our living space with our two roommates, ducks, chickens, rabbits, and bees. We try to grow anything edible that we can manage, with a mind toward utilizing all available “yard” space, turning an ordinary, formerly very weedy lot into what I jokingly call a yarden that in fact has no yard (grass) left at all. Unless lemongrass counts. We do grow that grass.

Our goal is to propagate food with values that will benefit us, our animals, and our community. We strive to have food with a conscience, recognizing that nothing exists in a bubble, and the decisions that we make will ultimately affect our whole life.

When making jams, jellies, preserves, etc. we aim to use as much from our garden as possible, but due to limited space this means we have limited supplies. Anything not sourced from our homegrown goods is then selected from other trusted sources. Ideally, all ingredients would be both local and organic (certified or in practice). Due to many factors, this is not always feasible or most practical and so some items are sourced non-locally or they are sourced within 100 miles, but are produced conventionally. Local ingredients will be labeled as such, meaning they are within 100 miles of Tampa, FL. Organic ingredients will also be labeled, though sometimes these ingredients are not certified, but are organic in practice. Our urban farm is not certified organic, but we use no pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers.

The idea that organic food is best for you is not new, but we believe it based on the fact that this is how nature existed before the dawn of our own alterations to stamen and pistil. We only use non-GMO seeds/plant starts and we love heirloom and open-pollinated varieties, for their purity, but also their beauty. We also raise some of our own meat because we believe in knowing our food was not abused from birth to dinner plate is important and worth spending time, effort, and emotion on. Along those lines, we understand that processing meat is gory and should not be taken lightly. As Eddard Stark of Winterfell said, “He who passes the sentence should swing the sword.” We have a high and honorable regard for the sacredness and value of the lives of other living things, recognizing that our life is not possible without the sacrificing of other lives, be they plant or animal. Just because a leafy green does not bleed when we pick and eat it does not mean that its contribution to our sustenance is any less valuable or worthwhile.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do – these are, after all, the regulars in our kitchen. Feel free to provide us with feedback on anything we do, as we try to be as transparent as possible about what we do and welcome compliments as well as criticism and further education.

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  1. hey Nate and Charlei. I was wondering if you two have any edible flowers available? Chef Suz at Ella’s

    • Most of the best edible flowers that we grow don’t really come around until the weather cools down a bit more. They’re planted out, but not flowering. You can use Spanish Needle though, as it’s an abundant wild edible flower in the area and makes a great cheery salad topper or garnish. Do you know what flower I’m speaking of?

    • Also, you can email us at gnarlyfarms@gmail.com if you don’t want to have to comment here to get a hold of us. Or text 813-528-0669


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