tis the season

Posted on November 22, 2016


tis the season to be thankful. and of course, when it rolls around, i, like many people, wonder why we seem to reserve this for specific times of year. probably because it gets cold and we start to realize that when we were warm, we weren’t grateful for the heat, and when we’re cold, we consider such things since we must pile on the layers.

i do live in florida and it doesn’t get terribly chilly here, but it gets cold enough that we’re glad the heat will kick on if we need it to, and i get to wander the house in woolies since we run the heat as little as possible. it’s the easiest time to cut down on utilities and pretend like we’re farther from the equator than we really are. my coffee and tea aren’t just for nostalgia, they actually warm me up (though sometimes i have a hard time finishing them before they get cold).

right now is thanksgiving holiday, which is a fabulous time for me as a teacher. there really are (unfortunately) few times where i get to brag about perks of my job to others, because more often than not i’m working 10-14 hour days, bringing mountains of work home, always feeling behind and forgetful (even my students have commented that i have too many things to keep track of and they aren’t the most observant bunch sometimes), and just generally exhausted. however, when these standard holiday times come round, i get some time off, and the promise i made myself before i started teaching is that i would make time for me as much as i was able. this mostly meant having a regular bedtime my first year teaching (i never went to bed past midnight on a school night and i’m pretty sure this saved my sanity on more than one occasion), and now it means setting aside at least 10-15 minutes a day for something i’d like to do – knitting, spinning, painting, reading, whatever.

granted, i still have a pile of things that i need to grade (some amazing 3D models of the water cycle that i will see if i can’t post a few pictures of – the talent really came out of the woodwork on that project), and our christmas gift we’re attempting to get put together this year so that maybe it will go out to people *before* christmas (not holding my breath).

but really, it’s just been making as much time as i can for enjoyable things. i’m working on handknits for several friend’s recent and to-be babies, bemoaning and trying to keep our garden alive despite it being nightly trampled and munched down by our one remaining yard rabbit, paula (anyone in tampa have a yard they want inhabited by our sweet beast? very friendly and takes care of herself if she has access to water and green stuff) just let me know….

this year we’re trying to remind ourselves we don’t need more stuff, and in fact we’re working hard to thin things out. our house is too full, our time is even fuller, so we’d like to even things out so that we really take on and live that “less is more” mentality. as a crafter (and multiple crafts at that) this is very difficult given all the supplies that go with such hobbies, but i just re-remind myself of what i need and don’t need and then when i fail and buy more yarn when i shouldn’t, i vow to make another gift for someone so at least something super useful and awesome will have come of my impulsiveness. because at least my splurges on yarn and wool end up being super useful and lovely gifts. i never could justify my 12 year old sticker habit that way πŸ˜›

hope you’re all having a lovely week. make some pie, put your feet up, and look around at what you’ve got. and don’t forget to tell those you’ve got that you’re glad they’re around.

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