beware. there be boobs.

Posted on September 18, 2016


yes, i’m still alive. some days more than others, but blogging tends to fall low on the list when i have 43 small people under my care for a large portion of the day and i spend another large portion of the day planning how i’m going to care for (and by care i mean educate and help mold into decent future larger people) these people.

but, alas, i’m trying to budget my time better these days.

last month i did a photo shoot for a friend of ours. a breastfeeding photo shoot. i don’t have my own wee ones yet, but i’m a huge supporter of breastfeeding and definitely plan to when we do. photography is  a side thing for me, since i spend so many hours with teaching and it’s hard for me to actually “book” gigs that involve myself and my camera, but i love doing it and it’s so rewarding. next month will be the little brother’s wedding, and if i get myself together, i should be doing some family shots for another friend soon.

so, yes, if you scroll down to the photos, there are shots that include lots of chest. proceed at your own choice. thank you for tanja for letting me use these to show my work. i did my best to be tasteful, though honestly with beautiful people and a beautiful subject, it would have been difficult for this to have been anything but. this isn’t intended to be promotional of me, but i think they are gorgeous and want to share some of the results of the shoot as i’m editing them, and this gives me some extra push to get the editing done since that’s the most time consuming part – going through picking out the favorites and perfecting them.



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