Posted on January 3, 2016


This year seems to be one of the quickest ones I can recall. Hard to believe it’s done with. Amazing to think I’m almost half through my first year as a public school teacher. I feel like we’ve accomplished a good deal, but I’m looking ahead for possibility.

I know lots of people scoff at resolutions, because they tend to get broken so quickly and frequently, but as a list-writer, setting goals is important to me, even if they aren’t accomplished in the initially planned time-frame, it still helps me outline a bit of my life and have some concept of where I’m headed and what I’d like to get going. My list last year was short, but had some good goals in it. This year’s list I’m planning to be a bit more lofty, as I’ll have a summertime without necessary work in which to accomplish things (though I’m sure I’ll have some type of part-time job to help pass the time and pay off the debts during those months, since I hear all teachers have summer jobs). My list includes things like our big goal of paying off $15,000 in student loan debt (more than a 25% of what we currently owe) and less strenuous tasks like drawing, because it’s something I always fancy myself doing, but rarely do because I don’t think I’m terribly good at it.

0I8A7329I intend to, though it’s not included in my list of goals, get better with my new camera. Nate has enjoyed playing around with the macro lens we were gifted this Christmas (thanks again, dad!). His montage of gummy bears and odd food bits to the left served as manual focus practice, and I thought it was a fun setup.

We welcomed in the New Year with wontons per Nate’s family tradition. I think I ate too many or my stomach doesn’t enjoy standard breakfast sausage anymore because I didn’t feel so awesome after stuffing my face with them. They were fun to make. We don’t fry much, but I enjoy the sizzling of oil and the pop things make as they crisp up when we do fry.





We had a really awesome time in Colorado for Christmas. Most of the pictures are on Facebook, but maybe I’ll sift through and find my favorites to post here. I really loved seeing snow again and as much as I used to despise the cold, it seems so much better suited to me now that I’m a knitter. Having a hobby intended to keep one so warm and to live in a place where it’s reaching the mid-80’s in December just seems a terrible shame. I’m ready to head North, that’s for sure. Still a bit of time to hatch away at that plan, but I intend to spend my 30th birthday in a place that honors Fall in the way it should be.

I need to practice writing more. I feel like every time I start to tell about things going on in my life I fizzle out so very fast. I’m sure the last of the mulled wine didn’t help that any, but my brain is still exhausted. I think by the time the school year is over I’ll need all of summer just to recover for the next year. Ha! A two week vacation isn’t near enough to catch up on rest, relax the brain, work some muscles that haven’t been given enough time for use (skiing did terrors to my legs) and just enjoy the rest of my life that’s been waiting for me as I work on the lives of 44 younger, more moldable human beings.

Hope everyone’s holidays were lovely and that you resolve to be good to yourself, no matter how you do with the rest of your goals, if you’re into those sorts of things.