The Late Quilt

Posted on October 9, 2014


Almost 3 years ago, before I worked at my current job, while my old job was a dwindling paycheck and source of actual job material, my oldest friend Andrew commissioned me to do a job. I was asked to make a baby quilt for a friend of his, who, if I remember correctly, I also went to middle school with, but wasn’t super well acquainted with at the time so only vaguely remember. I’m better at saying no than I used to be, but still not very good, and I’m always a sucker to help out a good friend. Did I mentioned Andrew is my oldest friend and I owe him many missed birthdays and other things and just generally he’s a great person, so despite the fact that it had been years since I last made a quilt, I’d only ever made two, those were assisted by my mom, and I had access to better sewing equipment and 24/7 personal assistance from my mom, I agreed to do it.

It took far too long, with machine mishaps along the way and using reinforcement material for super stretchy baby onesies that I had little to no idea how to work with, but I finally got that thing done. The backing is the same color as the blue border, a perfect cookie monster blue, and despite being nowhere close to perfect (I will be my own worst critic because I saw every crooked stitch line and misaligned seam), it’s a pretty solid looking piece of work. I’m mailing it out today, unbeknownst to the recipient who probably thinks by now that I’ve died and forgotten all about this.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI don’t plan on doing a project like this in a long while, as quilting is not much my chosen “thing.” I much prefer knitting and would like to try my hand at some basic sewn clothing, but it’s nice to know I can still do it.


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