All Work & No Play…

Posted on July 20, 2014


makes Charlei a very exhausted girl. Despite thinking originally that summer would leave me working even fewer part-time hours than I was before, it has instead left me working 50+ hours a week for almost the last month including some solid weekends (from Friday morning until Sunday night including overnights) which hasn’t been an entirely unpleasant experience, but it has left a great deal of house and farm work undone. Hubs has been almost solely taking care of the farm chores for me (thanks!) and the laundry piles grow to towering heights before they make it to the machine out back.

I shot wedding photos for some friends, which was, being neither a professional wedding photographer or a very experienced photo editor, a time consuming and learning experience to say the least. I just finally got brave enough to delete my memory card of all the photos, having ensured that they are both on my external hard drive as well as uploaded to a flickr account where they can view them and download them or do whatever they want with them at their leisure. Can finally utilize my camera again.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI had intentions of opening up our Etsy shop much sooner, but in order to open a shop, one must have inventory, and having inventory in the handmade world means making things. So my inventory is nowhere what I wanted it to be, I still have a project getting done that has a need to be finished as soon as possible, and so the other items in my lineup will have to come later, but the dryer balls have been easy to work on in what little down time there is, and they are clever little things, assisting a great deal in one of the most heinous of everyday tasks – that dreaded laundry I mentioned earlier.

Our shop is now open with just the dryer balls until I get the other inventory items more stocked up – there will be seed bombs and mason jar coozies (from my lovely Tricia’s pattern over at Farmish Momma that she so kindly is letting me use) once I’m not working my tail off all the time. Spread the word, or don’t, whatever. They’re there. Heh.

Hope all’s well where you are. The garden is a jungle, but it’ll get boxed and mulched soon I hope in order to prep for the fast-approaching fall season. Can’t wait!

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