They were all once just balls of string: what I’ve knitted this year.

Posted on January 7, 2014


So Christmas 2013 I got my first knitting needles. I toyed around with them, but until June when Tricia offered some assistance and pointers, I didn’t really knit in earnest. Since then, I’ve managed to whip out a few things. I don’t have pictures of everything, but I have pictures of the best things.

The first finished thing that I made, I think, was my grey and yellow cowl, which I don’t have a decent picture of. I was so proud of it, and have worn it a few times, and now I look at it and can see so many mistakes, but it’s a good first piece. I then made my friend Ryan a beanie hat. My boss was pregnant so I made her a swaddling bag for her baby – that was the largest piece I had done at the time. A coworker was also pregnant so I made her a baby hat with ears and baby mitts. At this point I was decent enough that with Tricia’s help, I made the baby mitts without a pattern. Then I begun on the presents:


My dad’s sailor’s scarf. I patterned it after the scarf that my mother-in-law made for my husband a while ago that he really likes.


My mom’s scarf. It’s short and is intended to be held shut with a brooch. The one for my Aunt is the same pattern, different yarn.


Hat for my girly. Made one for her new sister for Christmas and made her and her brothers scarves for Christmas, but I didn’t photograph those before I sent them off.


Cousin Laurel’s scarf. Really cool pattern that you can’t really see in the photo, but the yarn was fun colors, too.


Addy’s hat. This is probably my favorite thing (aside from the sweater, but we’ll get to that) that I’ve made so far. So much so, that I made sure to have some more chunky yarn so I could make one of these for myself.


Aunt Ceomi’s scarf. Matches her sisters except is a deeper blue.


I made two of these. One for Uncle Ben and one for my little brother. My mom got the yarn which is part acrylic and part alpaca.


And the sweater.

The beautiful sweater.

This is for Henry, my little [second] cousin. I am about to start his twin sister’s cardigan soon, which will be grey and pink.

I feel like I can now knit pretty much anything.


I could not have done this without Tricia’s help.

The pattern is on ravelry. It wasn’t difficult stitch-wise, but it was a lot of new things.

I’d never attached sleeves. Or picked up stitches.

But now, what was once a ball of string, is a sweater that makes people say things like, “That makes my ovaries pulsate.”

I made the sweater that makes baby-less people want to have children.


Can’t wait to make a sweater for a full sized person.

Currently on my needles are baby pants for my pal Mary and fingerless gloves for the hubs. Then to start Willa’s cardigan, Tricia’s mystery present (can’t announce it here because she has the internet and reads this sometimes), my mom’s present for next year, and my first pair of socks. I have an endless supply of yarn and an endless supply of patterns. If only to find all that time.

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