Reviewing, Revelling, and Hugelkulturing

Posted on January 3, 2014


I reviewed a list of sort-of resolutions from 2012 and had to laugh. I accomplished 2 out of the 16 things. In 2 years time. But let’s look at what we have accomplished since Gnarly Farms became a thing.

1. Since April 2012 we’ve had 23 litters of bunnies kindled on the property, and we estimate that we’ve processed an estimated 150+ lbs of rabbit meat since that time.
2. Since September 2012 we’ve harvested honey twice, totaling slightly more than 8 gallons of honey.
3. Despite the loss of one husband’s index finger, we’ve become relatively proficient butchers. We now know how to process quail, chicken, duck (fowl – I’d imagine they’re all pretty much the same except for their size), rabbit, goat (RIP Wendy), and pig.
4. Hubs and I both have now tried the following culinary sillies: chicken feet, heart, liver, chitlins, frog legs, pig head (porchetta di testa), rocky mountain oysters, gizzards, and tongue.
5. We tried to adopt a sibling group of 3. This didn’t work out the way our hearts had hoped, but neither of us anticipated 2013 to have been the year we may have welcomed tiny people into our home, so despite the fact that it didn’t go well for us, I know it went well for those children, and I’m grateful we’ve reached a point where we’re ready to welcome others into our life on a more permanent basis.
6. We no longer need to buy eggs from the store, ever, and meat from the store rarely. We purchased a quarter of a cow in Jan 2013 and we still are finishing off the last of that and can’t remember the last time we bought any meat that was shrink-wrapped.
7. I’ve taken up knitting with a vengeance. Christmas 2012 I got knitting needles, but I didn’t really do anything with them until in June 2013 when dear Tricia of Farmish Momma gave me some lessons and then I was off to the races. I’ll dedicate a post in the near future to the items I’ve knitted up for people.
8. Nate has become a master butcher, pickler, amateur wild harvester, and we’ve both become pretty decent home brewers.
9. I changed my job once this year, but pretty quickly realized that my job at Everyday Blessings that I love so much was worth much more than they could offer me elsewhere. Nate has also joined us there as the new cook. He’s already such a blessing to the kids through their food, but also as a mentor and teacher to the older kids who help in the kitchen (life skills!).
10. We’ve successfully eradicated sand spurs from the garden. I haven’t found one in probably 6 months or more. And it’s actually more surprising than not to hit a patch of pure sand now, which given the state it was in when we moved in, is an amazing thing.

In the garden, our herb bed is the most successful bed we have. Tricia and some of her kiddos and our old roomie Emily D. helped us a while back to weed it and restack bricks up in the front yard where it had gotten a bit unruly. It took us a while to get around to it, but Nate and I dug the bed up pretty well and threw in as much old wood as we could find in the yard. On top of the hugel we put probably a solid 2 feet of rabbit poop and compost. It is the fluffiest, easiest to weed bed we’ve ever had. I weed between herbs and vegetables (mostly herbs, as it was supposed to just be the herb bed) and just throw the chickweed into a bucket and distribute it among the rabbits.

Well, I waited a day since my computer was being slow and troublesome with pictures, but now wordpress isn’t letting me upload the pictures without an error, so you’ll have to wait to see the beautiful lush hugelkultured herb bed.

Happy New Year.

Here’s what I intend for the next year:
-Install a successful garden at Everyday Blessings for their awesome new cook to utilize in the kitchen
-Foster or adopt a person or animal (we’re still closer to the first than second)
-Brew at least 6 batches of original recipes of home brew
-Knit a grownup-sized sweater
-Give away 500 packets of garden seeds for other people to grow

I’m trying not to be too ambitious this year since the last 12 months were a doozy 😉