In Between Work

Posted on October 25, 2013


Wednesday was my last day as an Everyday Blessings employee (at least a daycare staff, I may still do some respite if time will allow it), but I went back yesterday to take my kiddos out to ice cream so we could have a proper goodbye. They didn’t leave – don’t leave – until today, but I know it’s already going to be stressful saying goodbye to everyone else, and I didn’t want to show up just to be an added source of stress for them or their new family. I’m also selfish and I don’t want our last goodbye to be nervous and uncertain hugs, or no hugs because they’re feeling torn between the two places – new home and old. It was still very sad, especially since the youngest kept saying he just wanted to go to my house, but I just reminded him to call and that I just won’t see him for a while. I’m hoping that’s the case since I left contact info. with the parents, but I won’t depend on that. I’ll tell it to him, though, because it’s true as much as I can make it true.

I’m still waiting on a start date for the new position. They have to process background checks, but I’m going to see if I can find the name of the HR lady and call today, because I’m beginning to get antsy with no start date, but also no current job anymore.

In the meantime I’m working on Christmas. I have, now, more than one knitting project going at a time. I did my first amigurumi (in Japanese this just means stuffed animal), an overstuffed, incorrectly gauged heart. I have quite the yarn stash now thanks to my pal Tricia over at Farmish Momma who moved away and left us (waaah!) I owe a cousin a hat, an aunt and uncle a scarf, a niece and nephew something (haven’t decided what yet), and unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to get to the other 9…10? oh man I can’t keep track…nieces and nephews all over the world. So they’ll get sporadic middle of the year presents.

Mom and dad will get the most on time Christmas this year since I got a head start on their gifts and am going to send them soon. I’d love to post pictures of what I’ve made, but can’t spoil the surprises, I’ll have to take a picture of everything and post it after they’re given away.

Enjoying the cool weather. Going to try growing spinach again, but haven’t had good luck with it so far. I think the biggest issue is trying to start it while it’s still warm and everything I’ve read says spinach seeds just won’t germinate if it’s too warm .

Anyone have success growing spinach and other cold weather crops here in Central Florida?


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