Bee Still

Posted on September 17, 2013


I’m practicing patience. Trying to be still on the inside – the hardest place to keep still and calm.

We finished our classes for adoption and have our home study scheduled for next week. After that it’ll be a waiting game. Nothing else we can really do on our end except hassle the people who make decisions and hope they decide something quickly. Not that the process goes quickly, but if we could know whether we will or won’t get the kids quickly, I think that would be good for everyone so we could move on with things one way or another. The not knowing is difficult. Hope. Clinging to hope.


I absolutely love seeing the native bees in Florida. I’m no good at identifying them, but look at that bluish green guy on the left.


They love on our African Blue Basil. My uncle introduced us to this variety of basil. Our first cutting grew into a monstrous bush and we bought a small plant at the USF plant festival. It won’t produce seed, but it roots easily from cuttings and attracts all the pollinators.

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