Preserving the harvest, the home, my well being, etc. etc.

Posted on February 13, 2013


My body hates February. That is obviously the only conclusion I can come to when I have used up all my sick days for work within the last pay period. It surely can have nothing to do with the fact that I recently quit a second job since I started a third and maybe in some ways a fourth if you consider the extra demands that showed up when people actually really liked my jams, jellies, pickles & stuff at the market.

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So I only have 3 jobs. Children’s home miracle worker (really, not actually, though. I teach children about butterflies, the rain cycle, the layers of the earth, and make teach them learn words at age 4 like chlorophyll, phalange, and delectable), Plant nursery and farmer, and Jam, jelly, preserve, and pickle maker. Oh yeah, I also wife and clean house (sometimes, kinda, and it lasts maybe a day, or not). The point is that obviously it is February and not too many responsibilities that has my body revolting against the rest of myself.

I would like to start doing something with my body again besides just bending and lifting when I am in the garden. But when does one fit in going to the gym or doing something that isn’t just lifting cans and boxes of fruit when they get up, tend animals, tend young children, come home, tend plants, tend husband, create fruit things, and crash into bed exhausted. When one is the worst ever at getting up early, getting up earlier to work out is a very disparaging thought.

Well, whatever about that. I will or I won’t. Maybe I’ll just clean house more and get cardio running around like a maniac with a broom and mop.

Fun things: I started a wild yeast sourdough starter and it appears to be going great. It bubbles quite well and if I don’t get lazy and forget to feed it, it should be ready for bread very soon! Oh, but then I have to get up earlier than usual to make bread. Arggghhh!

Another fun thing, also including wild fermentation: The last of the ingredients for homemade root beer (from the roots, guys!) came in from Mountain Rose Herbs and we can start the root beer as soon as the Ginger Bug is finished. So a ginger bug, for my mother who asked, is basically a mix of water, ginger, and sugar that has been allowed to begin fermenting and processing the sugars. You grate or chop fresh ginger into a jar with water and add a little bit of ginger and sugar each day until it starts to get bubbly. You use some of this starter (with the wild yeast it’s collected) to help your soda get going. Since sodas used to be made with wild yeast and not with some machine that infused it with carbonation. Very stoked about this, not sure how much it will end up costing per bottle, but I’m sure it will be great for our bodies and hopefully it will taste as awesome as it is healthy.

I also feel that it is important to note that Princess Peach, our former drop-out mom of a bunny has taken her last chance at being one of our breeder bunnies seriously because she popped out 6 healthy kits yesterday and they are all doing smashingly well. They all look quite large, she made the mess out of a nest for them and seems to have pulled out extra fur to make up for the nests she didn’t make for her first two litters. Here’s to the third time being the charm!

Hubs’ family is coming into town soon. I should get a move on finding a way for him to meet my parents. I mean, this year will be our 3 year anniversary (earth day) and he still hasn’t met my parents. Oops? We are close to paying off some substantial debts and if we are good about that and saving market profits then we’ll be able to start saving for travels and visits soon. Hurray for that!

Working on saving and drying out herbs to save at the market, realizing why herbs are expensive. Hand harvesting organic herbs and drying them from the garden is a tedious process and it takes quite a lot to fill a jar when it’s shriveled up and dry. The more I grow, the more I appreciate just how cheap almost every item of food ever is.

Off to snuggle a bun and then to bed for me. I have an awkward visit with elderly strangers and small children ahead of me tomorrow and high levels of bodily ugh to sleep off before then.


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