Buddy the elf, what’s your favorite color?

Posted on November 28, 2012


The merriness is upon us, full swing. Fighting over who gets to wear the tree skirt or be santa claus has ensued and the planning of all manner of children’s crafts involving too much green and red is making my candy cane shoes do a maniacal shuffle.

Farm to Fork was delicious, entertaining, full of good people, fancy dress, and ended with a full belly and new friends.

Flower arrangements by ELD at Farm to Fork

We finally found Ms. Marge a new home with someone who will care for her and her poor lame leg with the utmost care.

10 gallons of beer sit in secondary fermenters in our living room. I don’t know how people would manage to brew small scale without a dedicated brew fridge in the summer here. Either that or your temps would just be ridiculously irregular. I need to keep myself in check. Just because I crunched some numbers and hurt my brain writing an original recipe doesn’t mean I am prepared to be a brew elitist just yet.

Because I don’t have enough hobbies, I have decided to ask for knitting needles for Christmas so that I can make hubs socks and hats and things. I accidentally ruined his favorite (only) pair of socks his mother made him by doing too many loads of laundry and not looking to make sure there were handmade wool things in the loads going into the dryer. My bad.

I also really want a cowl. Because it’s a fun word and they look like about the coziest winter accessory ever.

We are adventuring into small scale hugelkulture, will hopefully have a goose from auction for Christmas (though I’m not holding my breath since I’m sure every farm family everywhere wants one or already has theirs), and are having a mess of a time adjusting to winter daylight and cold toilet seats.

Whatever lifting of children or turning funny or gardening had caused the initial trouble in my back has left me somewhat stiff and unable to tie my shoes normally, even after a few visits to the chiropractor. It is much better, and isn’t painful, but is quite stiff and will probably require some drastic measures, like actually working out regularly again with some semblance of discipline…and I was just getting good at not running around like mad all the time…

Still working 2 jobs in addition to the farm, which is the most time consuming of them all, resulting in no real sleeping in and evenings transplanting, fertilizing, and occasionally digging through dumpsters for someone else’s trash to turn into our compost gold. Hubs works more hours since moving to the new store and rides his bike back and forth to work every day like a boss. It’s not too far away, but it is like death in the humidity when it’s more than 75 degrees outside.

My life is a mad dash to and fro, from blissfully relaxing to maddeningly spinning-at-the-speed-of-four-year-olds. I wouldn’t change much, and the things I would change would probably just make more to do and have and care for in the form of seedlings and small critters.

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