Featured Food at Farm to Fork

Posted on November 6, 2012


If you’re in Tampa, you’ve probably at least heard of Ella’s. They are like the alter ego of the famed Refinery which is on our side of the highway and are sister’s in their innovative and scrumptious noms.

Hooray for us! I’m debating whether I should show up for the faux farmer’s market and meet the producers portion in overalls or fancy attire. Maybe I should ask the host which would be more apt. highway. The cafe is really more of a restaurant, but hosts a lot of quirky art pieces and folk music. They’re well-known, delicious, and featuring our honey and eggs in an upcoming Farm to Fork event!

Tickets are $60 each and proceeds go to benefit the non-profit Stepping Stones, which is a great community program in Sulfur Springs helping the local youth.

Support local food, farms, and kiddos. Click here to purchase tickets and get more information.

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