Entering the world of bottle feeding some of the smallest, softest, living beings ever…

Posted on October 17, 2012


I came home today, and as I am apt to do after a day with crazed children, I went to check on the extra tiny children in my life – the bunnies.

Sadly, Whitman, the momma of our newest 6 kits, was no longer with us. The likely culprit is heat stroke since as people have told me, “rabbits run hot already,” and we do live in Florida, and no matter how many ice bottles we left in with her, Whitman always looked like she was panting something awful. We tried, but she just petered out. No signs of disease that we could see, just gave out in the corner next to her nesting box.

So these fuzzy babes, several of them just starting to open their eyes at 10 days old now have Hubs and I for wetnurses…kinda. Hubs went to pick up some KMR (Kitten Milk Replacement) and the tiniest bottle ever with swappable nipples for feeding various miniature creatures.

This is where I am grateful that bunnies do not need to be fed every 2 hours, because while I’m sure my classroom full of Pre-school aged children would just love me toting around baby bunnies being bottle fed, I’m not so sure my sleeping self would appreciate the interruption at night.

I am sad to lose Whitman. She was a sweet bunny, a good mom, and clearly a fertile breeder. Our losses are always rough. Even the ones we create ourselves *ahemslaughterahem*

We appreciate our animals. Except the roof rats. I despise them. But, we love everyone else.

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