Changing Seasons

Posted on September 14, 2012


Image from Christen Barnes Photography

I realized as a kid that one day when I was older I would actually like going into stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond and Williams & Sonoma, but I kind of dreaded that day coming at the same time. As a kid, I also longed and ached for Summer and Winter – the most extreme of the seasons, because they brought freedoms that Spring and Fall just didn’t. Now, just like my taste buds have adjusted to more subtle and nuanced flavors that aren’t just very sweet or very salty, I can also appreciate and I long for Spring and Fall much more than Summer and Winter.

When I was smaller, I would probably just trample over and frolic my way through all the Spring’s new buds, sprouts, seedlings, and quickly passing moments. Now, I sit still and wander slowly through a garden to watch for each blossom and try to catch each seed sprouting so that I can care for it and nurse it along. I am so grateful for the nuances of changing seasons. It helps me to notice the change from Summer to Fall even living in a climate that is so lacking in the reds, yellows, and oranges of the changing seasons elsewhere in the world.

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