There’s a storm a’comin’

Posted on August 25, 2012


Along with the RNC (which to be honest, I care nothing about, except that I’m sad it’ll probably make next week all kinds of trafficky in Tampa), there is a tropical storm rolling into the area threatening to tear down my baby corn and sunflowers before they are even planted in the garden. It’s time to start the fall garden and I feel like I’m already behind. Most of August is over and we only have 338 seedlings of 27 different types in a tray (only 338 you say?) and another seed tray to start (and far more varieties than I can fit in 2 speedling trays), but not enough lighting to have them both set up at once.

Two of our bunnies, Marjoram (the OG mamma around here – only one to have successfully kindled healthy pups) and Paula had litters in the last few days.

On Tuesday Paula was pulling out hair in her nesting box, intermittently coming to the door and squeaking at us, as she does.

By Wednesday when I got home Nate told me there were 3 tiny bunnies in the nesting box. It seems to have been one of the easiest kindlings we’ve had. She didn’t strip herself bald nesting and all the babies are perfectly healthy. We have had some bad thing happen with a rabbit we got from auction that we were mating and ended up being pregnant and those are not things I’d like to have repeat themselves here.

On Wednesday we gave Marjoram a nesting box and Thursday when I came home from work, there were 2 babies in the nest.

Marjoram is not nearly as fuzzy as Paula is, so the poor girl stripped enough fur to leave a big naked patch on her left side, but she doesn’t seem to mind too much.

In the next few days we are going to be putting to rest the first litter of bunnies birthed on the farm as they are big enough to become food. Nate is starting to read his Buckskin book so we can also work on brain tanning the hides of these bunnies as well as the ones we have already processed.

We have also decided to thin out our chicken population as they will decimate the garden quickly and we get enough eggs for the two of us from the 5 ducks laying 4-5 eggs a day. The ducks escape their pen now and again, but they seem to prefer the cowpeas to any other crop and we have those there mostly for ground cover and animal forage anyway. We can go out and cut a few 5 gallon buckets full of cowpea greens and vines and the next day they seem to be back just as strong and overgrown in the same areas. For anyone who wants easy gardening, cowpeas are the way to go.

Going to my first seedswap tonight with the hubs, so that should be a good time. Hoping to get some everglade tomato seeds that will grow through the summer heat – something almost no other tomato variety does, I hear.

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