“All Healthy Critters”

Posted on June 30, 2012


Going to an auction today that someone recommended that is open to “all healthy critters,” in hopes that I can at least recover the whopping $5 I paid for what I thought was a pullet, but turned out to be cockerel. Calvin is a beautiful little Silver Sebright with a crow that is much larger than he is.

Since we ate one of the first 3 girls (Golden Sex Links named Eva, Helena, and Wynona) this week, Emily’s rooster is hitting the chopping block for supper tonight (he’s an Americauna and much more substantially sized than Calvin, even if still a bit small), and we gave away 2 of the Black Australorp pullets to one of Nate’s coworkers, we have lowered our bloated fowl count to 8 chickens and 5 ducks.

The Black Australorp pullets were at first impressive because they weren’t afraid of the fully grown ducks, but then we realized that the ducks must have adopted some motherly instincts since they started laying because they weren’t even attempting to nip at the little buggers, but instead were actually nudging them along and letting them share food and water right alongside them. I might even guess that if the little pullets weren’t so adept at roosting that the Goldens and Welshies would try to brood them. That would be a sweet little family. We would have to keep eating off some of the chickens in order to do this, but we’ve discussed getting rid of the Golden ducks (a few more good dinners) and getting a Drake to breed with the Welshies since they are notoriously excellent mothers. Nate is also obsessed with the idea of having either a Black  Indian Runner duck or a Cayuga duck. But, the lot of them will have to wait until we have some more land at our disposal. As things are, I’m still paranoid that when the guy comes by to fix the leak in the roof or other issues, he may go back to the landlord and comment on the “interesting farm” his tenants have set up.

Hey, at least it’s not a rottweiler or something that is a pet. I mean, our lease clearly states no pets in the house, but we have no pets in the house, just a bunch of livestock outside in the yard. It’s all in the semantics, right?

We are up to about 4 duck eggs a day and 3-4 quail eggs. We made Scotch Eggs the other day which were delicious and used about a dozen of the quail eggs we weren’t sure what to do with. We really need to find a great party platter that is intended for deviled quail eggs, but I’m sure wherever they exist, they cost more than they’re worth. Today I may try my hand at Souffle since we have a lot of duck eggs hanging about uneaten. We also know from slaughtering Helena that the Golden Sex Links are about to lay eggs since Nate found several yolks inside of her developing and none of them have laid yet that we know of. Our protein production so far this summer is egg-cellent!

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