Fur, Feathers, and Petals

Posted on May 1, 2012


In the last week and a half since Rosemary kindled the one survivor kit, I feel like some awesome things have happened. Not particularly earth shattering things, but just happy, nice goings on in my life that seem worth noting. Sort of pebblestones instead of milestones.

My cousin, God bless her awesome self, turned 9 yesterday. It is an odd and beautiful thing to have known a person for their entire life. I think she sounded happier about the idea of me sending her borage seeds in the mail so that she could plant her own edible flowers than the other gifts I told her would be on the way soon. She informed me during her birthday call that she doesn’t prefer the taste of marigolds, but likes planting them for a friend of hers that enjoys them, and since shetold me how much she loves honeysuckle, I’m sure she will enjoy borage a great deal.

Since we discovered that poor Timothy rabbit was actually a eunuch of a rabbit and could sire no little buns, we gave him away to a family that will love a pet bunny more than a food breeding bunny and went on our merry way to acquire the bunny of all bunnies – a flemish giant rabbit. Since she will be bred with a smaller breed of male rabbit (Peter), the babies will be smaller, but a flemish giant rabbit, compared to a medium breed rabbits’ 5-7 lbs at full weight, will weigh an average of 12-14 lbs and get get up to 20+ lbs as they age.

The rabbit in the picture to the left is a heavier giant, weighing in at 22 lbs, but they are considered one of the most gentle rabbit breeds.

I named our Flemish Giant Inara, since she is for breeding and basically just here for the bunny sex. She’s also very beautiful and it seems difficult to break her composure, something I would imagine to be non-existent in the first place for a bunny. Her owners did not just breed bunnies, but also had a wealth of amazing Koi fish (the largest of which was 32 whopping inches long), peafowl (commonly referred to as just “peacocks”), cockatoos, chickens, pigeons, ducks, and other exotic parrots – a handful of which were able to put whole sentences together. I would have imagined a bunny, especially a one month old baby, might completely flip out when brought into the parrot room of the house, but she was almost entirely unphased by the ruckus. Never in my life have I met a laughing parrot, but I think it’s something that everyone should see, and they should implement laughing parrots as a multi-faceted approach to treatment for severe depression. One of the parrots could sing a back and forth duet with its owner of “What’s Up Pussycat?” and when I played the recordings of the laughing parrot and the one saying, “I love you” to my husband, he was skeptical that this was, in fact, a bird at all. What was supposed to be a quick sexing of (as much as I’m not expert in such tasks just yet) and choosing a bunny to buy turned into an hour long tour of their amazing mini-zoo in the backyard. I told them as I left that they should give tours. They noted that admissions would help with running the place, since that’s why they sell the bunnies they breed, to pay for food.

A few of the sunflowers, including the one that has breached the 7 foot tall point, have started to bloom. No seeds yet, but I don’t have much hope of harvesting those, as I’m sure the birds will take to them quite quickly. We have noticed that besides the neighborhood birds that now take their baths in our pond, we also have some new resident frogs croaking away their mating song at night in the pond. I for one have always loved that sound and I’m hoping to remain blissfully ignorant of the frog species so that I don’t have to rid the pond of them if they are the invasive Cuban frogs that are so…well, invasive.

Our animal count has been altered by our rabbit birth, gifting, and buying as well as Emily’s 3 Americana Chickens (all hens we hope since it was unanimously decided that upon the first crow, a rooster would lose its head) and our new Golden and Silver Sebright chicks.

Gnarly Farm
5 Rabbits
18 Quail
6 Ducks
8 Chickens
? Goldfish
2 Frogs
3 Homo Sapiens

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