South Florida Gardens

Posted on April 18, 2012


The more I use the internet as a tool to explore gardening tips and methods, the more I realize that there isn’t (or I haven’t found the best sources yet) a very reliable resource for South Florida specific gardening. I’m sure there are sources and I have run across a few blogs in the South Florida area, but not with the type of information I’m looking for. I suppose I’ll have to attempt to become such a resource myself by actually taking more reliable logs of the growth and changes in our garden.

When we first began transforming our yard, I was excited about the summer so we would have things growing, and I definitely am still thrilled about cucumbers, runner beans, melons, and pumpkins, which are largely summer plants, but I’ve realized that the Fall and Winter are the seasons to be excited about since that’s when the weather is most mild and ideal for the majority of things in this area flourish.

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