USF Spring Plant Festival 2012

Posted on April 16, 2012


Nate and I decided to become members of the USF Botanical Gardens recently. This was a good decision because the place is pretty awesome in its own right, but it also means that we get free admission to their plant festivals and other events they hold like the upcoming Green Community’s Earth Day event on April 21st.

Because I don’t work the weekends, I went to the Spring Plant Festival both Saturday and Sunday. Nate said to me Friday, “Go early! I mean what if everyone else takes all the good plants?!” And I went as early as I thought I would need to, bringing cash since I figured they probably wouldn’t accept cards (I was right) and realized that it wasn’t as early as I could have gone and that it probably wasn’t enough money for all the things I would’ve liked either. Nobody sent me the memo about bringing a wagon to the festival to haul all my plants, though I don’t have a wagon to bring even if I wanted to.

Between Saturday and Sunday we came home with 5 different pepper plants (all medium to hot, including one Ghost Pepper), 2 carnivorous plants, a blueberry bush, a Louisiana Iris, New Zealand Violets, Lavender Sage, an air orchid, a Tansy plant, a Chameleon plant, a mimosa plant (some kind of groundcover), and probably something that I forgot. We really wanted to get some waterlillies, but thus far, everything points to that being a stupid idea, what with having 6 ducks that will eat anything they can get their bills on. Eva, Helen, and Wynona (the chickens) are happy being able to free range around the yard. They could easily get out of the yard, but they seem to like the oasis on the corner rather than venturing out in the cat-infested area that is the rest of the neighborhood.

I am a wonderfully happier being for having a more regular sleep schedule (that includes waking up early, but not before the sun rises), a more steady paying job (that is awesome), and many more children in my life (due to the aforementioned job). Well, and the garden. Always the garden. Today and yesterday we added approximately 25 fish to the duck pond (24 goldfish and 1 koi). I’m fairly certain the ducks have eaten a few of the goldfish, so no telling how many there actually are, but they are pretty and will help fertilize the pepper and tomato plants we have put in the makeshift aquaponics system we have set up.

A photo is in order. Our first grape bunch is forming. Golden Muscats. In Florida. Huzzah!

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