Feeding Flowers to Children

Posted on April 10, 2012


Borage looks like a space plant. A beautiful sci-fi creation that grows so easily in such sub-par soils. The periwinkle colored flowers are gorgeous and as long as it’s not early morning, they pop right off when you grab the center of the flower for a delicious treat. I brought a small batch of the flowers in to work for the children I work with to try, and if you’re discouraged your whole life from eating things off the ground and growing in the ground, you’d probably be excited when someone tells you that you can eat something so pretty and verboden. Everyone loved the sweet honeysuckle flavor of the tiny blue and violet beauties.

My cousin loves to nosh on marigolds on the way to school and I’ve decided that I like nasturtiums and think they taste familiar, but I haven’t decided quite like what just yet. What are your favorite edible flowers?

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