Little Sprouts (Kids and Plants)

Posted on March 31, 2012


At my second job (though we’ll officially call it my first since it’s steadier and more full-time) I work with 3 and 4 year-old abused, abandoned, and neglected children. We are in the process of planning a garden. The property is amazing and there is an old barn space, which was actually used as an aviary and is only overgrown with grass. So basically a bit of tilling, hoeing, and either finding water access or setting up a rain barrel and we have a fantastic outdoor classroom area.

We are seeking tax-deductible donations of the following items to help make this possible:

  • Temporary use of a tiller or donation of one
  • Seeds or plants – primarily vegetables, but we’d love to have some fruits as well (grapes, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, etc.)
  • Gift cards to Home Depot, Lowe’s, Wal Mart or other nurseries, seed companies, etc. for direct purchasing of supplies
  • Rain Collection System – rain barrel and other necessary pieces to have a fully functional rain collector
  • Child-friendly watering cans (small-ish) and garden tools (cultivators, spades, and gloves)
  • Trellises and stakes or materials to construct them (wood, bamboo, etc)
  • Planting Soil (organic preferred) or ready-to-use compost
  • Child-sized outdoor table(s) and chairs or full-size picnic table

This is a great learning opportunity for the kids as well as a chance to provide them with some self-grown food and lifelong lessons about sustainability and the earth. Any suggestions are welcome and I am going to possibly try and arrange with the bosses, in case we need something in lieu of a tiller, a potential workday with volunteers to come out and cultivate the land so that it will be ready to plant with the kids since their 3 and 4 year old muscles aren’t quite strong enough to rid the ground of weeds and grass that have taken over.

I am able to come collect donations in the Tampa area that will fit in a car, and would do my best to find a truck to pick up larger donations that you may not be able to deliver to the property in Thonotosassa, FL. Please contact me at if you need more information.

Thank you!

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