How many pancakes does 1/8 c. buckwheat flour make?

Posted on March 25, 2012


Because that’s what our impromptu harvest of straggly buckwheat plants amounted to. Maybe 50% of the buckwheat was ready to harvest, though much of this wasn’t planted to harvest for grain, but instead was shade for the herb spiral, green manure for certain areas, and seeds that fell by the wayside when we were feeding bunnies large diets of buckwheat sprouts.

I don’t know what the approved method for small grain harvests is, but we practically picked the “done” grains off by hand over a pillow while I also smacked and tossed some stalks to knock the ready ones off onto the pillow case to catch the mess. As I’d read somewhere, we took a fan outside, ran it on low and placed a bowl at the base in front of the fan and slowly dropped the grain in front of the fan so that it would blow off the chaff. We did this several times to get rid of the bits of leaves and things that were left in the mix, but still had to pick out a few green grainheads by hand that we knew weren’t supposed to be in there, but didn’t blow away.

Our Black and Decker blender took the seeds and I sifted them through our tea infuser from Nate’s teapot (so far it’s been used to make all manner of things besides tea) and managed to get the tiny half-full 1/4 c. measuring cup of flour. It sure isn’t much, but we grew it, and that’s something. Plus, the little red hen comes around with all that bread nonsense, I can insist that at least I helped grind the grain to make the flour.

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