Dexter Lettuce

Posted on March 18, 2012


This is the coolest looking lettuce I’ve ever seen, and definitely ever grown. It could be a bit disturbing that it looks to be spattered by blood, hence our nickname “Dexter Lettuce,” but it’s also our rogue lettuce, growing outside of any pre-determined garden areas.

I thought that it was Cracoviensis at first, but it doesn’t actually match the description or visual for that type, and seems to be more closely fitting with German Forellenschluss which isn’t something I have, though it’s possible it’s in an all-lettuce mix that I acquired through Seed Savers Exchange

As with most lettuces, it seems, the leaves are a bit bitter, and I prefer an approximate 60%/40% mix of some form of vinegar and olive oil mix with spices/herbs for a dressing to help cut some of the bitterness out. I prefer white wine vinegar and extra virgin olive oil with some red pepper, salt, pepper, fresh basil, fresh oregano, and garlic (or garlic powder). And cilantro and large chunks of tomatoes always make for an amazing salad. Hubby brought home some not-fit-for-restaurant-use feta the other night (a LARGE quantity) that I am dying to put on some cucumber slices, but seeing as we have no cucs, I’ll have to settle for a delicious salad.

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