RIP: Rot In Peace

Posted on March 16, 2012


Sadly, the first two plants that I think I’ll have to declare official failures will probably be the horseradish roots (all complete fails) and the one red raspberry plant, Autumn Bliss from Isons Nursery (we also have yellow and black raspberries). When I noticed the raspberry starting to suffer outside I tried to transplant it into a pot and bring it inside to see how it might fare, but it seems that it may be a wash. I say I keep water it for a while and see how it holds out just in case there’s a smidgeon of life left since I’m no expert in plants in generally, but especially not plants that grow on canes.

If I can decide, or someone else can decide that the Autumn Bliss is, in fact, to grow no more, I’d like to replace it at some point since raspberry canes are a mere $4.50 from Ison’s and relatively inexpensive elsewhere and they are the most delicious berry ever.

When we can actually get one to fruit, I’ll be making a batch of raspberry wine for sure.


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