Grow It Forward

Posted on March 12, 2012


Thanks to the Grow It Forward movement partnering with Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and Your Garden Show, I received 5 free seed packets in the mail today: Russian Red Kale, Telegraph Improved Cucumber, Ukrainian Beauty Eggplant, Charnetais Melon, and Juane Gros de Paris Pumpkin.


I’m especially excited about the Melon and the Pumpkin because melons are rumored to do so well in the Florida heat and I think it would be pretty awesome to have a 100+ pound pumpkin sitting in the yard (don’t you?) even if it weren’t edible, though these totally are good for soups, pies, and other things that you use pumpkins for.

Planted these in a little plastic Jiffy Greenhouse, and hoping that will work better since the jiffy pots are a great idea, but these tiny ones dry out super fast (thus killing the seeds and/or seedlings in them) if they aren’t in something enclosed in the heat. Now to find out if I didn’t over water the thing to start with and kill them from the get-go.

I’m desperate to rig up a soaker hose or drip system in the small front yard. The most semi-raised beds we do the more of complete pain it is to drag the hose around plants without crushing one thing or getting myself covered in sand, dirt, or whatever else is all over the ground. Some advice on the matter would be appreciated because I don’t think we can quite swing the cost of a whole drip system (though it would be nice) and Nate was looking at simple hoses with holes in them (which is exactly what it appears the irrigation systems in road medians are made of) or something done with PVC that could also house some starter plants. We’re throwing ideas around, but I nearly just went out and grabbed the first thing I could find along those lines after watering this morning. Recommendations (or just general experience with either system/method) is appreciated.

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