Saving Seeds: Lettuce

Posted on March 9, 2012


Not that lettuce seeds aren’t some of the cheapest per seed out there, but it’s gratifying to be able to save my own seeds regardless, since so far we haven’t really done much of that. Lettuce bolts (goes to seed) quickly in the Florida heat and is best either grown indoors or during the Fall and Winter, so I’m collecting and stashing the seeds from our quickly bolting greens so that we can start a few indoor pots of them for eternal (year-round) salads.

Make sure the seeds are dry before you put them in an envelope. If they are not 100% dry yet, you can lay them out on a papertowel until they dry out and then put them in a coin envelope (it’s the ideal size for seeds, but obviously any size envelope will work) and label them. I’d recommend putting the plant name and the month and year you saved them. Seeds are only viable for so long, so it will be helpful down the line (if they sit for a while before you try to use them) to know how old they are and if you will need to test some of them for germination before using them in the garden.

Pods from the flowering lettuce plants

When you pull open the pods there are between 4 and 20 seeds in each one.

What the pod looks like with the seeds still in it, just slightly opened.

What seeds will you be saving this year?


PS – Sorry for the terrible photo quality. I am saving for a digital camera for my birthday this year, but until then I’ll have to make do with camera photos which don’t always turn out so well for things this small in low lighting.

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