Tea Garden

Posted on February 22, 2012


People say mint grows like a weed. I have realized that my mint at least grows as fast as a weed, but has not spread like one – I’d be fine if it did since a bed of mint for harvesting pseudo-tea leaves would be great to share with friends.

I would like to, at some point, acquire an actual tea plant, Camellia sinensis, from which black, green, white, oolong, and pu-erh tea is all harvested from. The leaves are then processed in different ways to result in the different variations in tea. For now I’ll stick with mint “tea” and other herbs that can be used in making tea (see list below).

Some of these herbs have proven finicky enough for me already, none of them being visibly sprouted from the seeds I have sown as of yet, though I have a sage plant that was purchased on a whim (as most of my plants are).

My tea garden currently (or at least through theoretical seeds that haven’t sprouted) consists of:
*Bee Balm
*Catnip – yet to see a single sprout of this!
*Goji Berry
*Hibiscus – not my favorite, but still a good one
*Lavender – I have Spanish and English Lavender…in theory
*Lemon Balm
*Mint – I believe it’s peppermint
*Rosemary – I don’t know if this has been in any tea I’ve had, but I’m sure Nate would love to try and would actually love Rosemary tea

I have also read that raspberry leaves make a good tea. Has anyone tried this? I’m all about the fresh fruit teas and we have an array of strange fruits I have never tried that are growing form their stubby stalks or trunks or whatever the correct word for that is and can’t wait to try them in fruit wine and tea.

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