Ever the Rat Race

Posted on February 20, 2012


I love my job. I have not loved every job I held even if in most of them, I loved the work I did. The worst jobs were actually the ones where I loved my job, but knew that it was not continuable without a certain measure of madness taking over my life because of the way such work was executed.

Unfortunately for me, contract work, by its nature, is not always super steady and most of our bills are pretty steady and regular, so due to the steadily decrease in my contracting work, I need to find a position to supplement what I do currently. I have an awesomely expensive Bachelor’s degree and experience in social service work, mental health, non profit, working with autistic children, doing tutoring and student advocacy. Naturally this then makes me overqualified for certain positions that I would love, and yet still under-qualified for others.

I considered, and may still consider, applying at the local zoo. They are hiring someone to work in the Asia exhibit to work with the animals. Maybe I’ll get free zoo poo from the tigers. But for a $10/hour paying job, they prefer someone with a Bachelor’s degree in animal and zoo stuff or course, which I’m sure means they’ll hire that guy rather than the girl who has worked with mostly children (though any parent will tell you that’s a perfectly acceptable substitute for zoology experience).

The students I work with are advised by me to never get credit cards. Granted, much of the reason I have any credit card debt is for reasons and things that I wouldn’t actually change at all, but it’s still a lame and dark shadow, however small in comparison to student loan debt, hanging over our heads. Tax time is great because we take a guillotine to the debt, but it’s like a really dull guillotine that just severs the ear and the left side of the face and the thing is still up there bleeding and wailing and causing a ruckus. Nice image, right?

I have decided that I hate the fact that applying for jobs is primarily done over the internet now. I am reduced to paper and while I am not the worst writer that ever graced the planet, I may have been a better writer than he average 15 year old when I landed my first job and had a well-written resume in comparison to my peers, but now I am fighting the hordes of other newly degreed people seeking jobs that don’t pay enough and want to work you into the ground, but due to whatever are more desirable on paper and I never get to charm someone with my laugh and smile and tales of dedication since they don’t even see me before they decide on some other piece of paper. So dumb!

But, I make calls, leave voicemails, and hope for something that is just enough to pay the bills, and that is not enough to make me have to stay away from all hours of daylight, since I will loathe leaving the sunshine, though I’m sure I’ll be a bit more sane for being away from the house since then I won’t look at the mess most of the day and wonder why no matter how much I seem to clean and organize, it never quite seems to disappear. Cleaning for more than one is much different than it was in college. And now I feed and clean for 20+ really since there are ducks and quail and rabbits and husbandand roommates and oh right, that cat who played an escaped quail to death, but didn’t even eat it but just left it lying there all pitiful and stuff.

The general public seems to say it is easier to find a job when you have one, but I feel this has not been the case for me so far in my life.

Somewhere there must exist a company that has values they actually hold to and are willing to put in effort that doesn’t extort their clients or involve milk (my work in the dairy industry was nice, but not my chosen field, ultimately).

I’d like to find one of them here in Tampa and show them that I can be fully awesome if given the chance.

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