Pink Lemons

Posted on February 15, 2012


Believe it or not, pink lemons are not a hybrid but are their own kind of lemon. They are actually green and white striped on the outside (which I have yet to see in person since my tiny pink lemon tree is maybe only 2 feet tall) and have a pink flesh on the inside. The plant is in the Eureka lemon family and doesn’t produce a lot of lemons because the leaves are low in chlorophyll – they are also variegated and green and white striped, like the lemon itself.

Despite the small stature of my plant, it’s budding and starting to produce fruit. I know it’s wisest not to let a young tree fruit so it will focus on growing rather than fruiting, but I can’t resist letting a few of these guys go, as I’m impatient and I don’t have the option to let so many of my other plants fruit, I’m already waiting on them to take their sweet time to give me fruit (more on those later.)

The pink buds and white flowers are beautiful, aren’t they? That and Nate’s navel orange tree (equally small, though without buds since he pulls the fruits of regularly like a good boy) are our first citrus additions to our Florida farm. $9.95 each from a local nursery down the road.

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