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Posted on January 28, 2012


I have bought probably more seeds than we could even hope to plant in the next 5 years, (but we’ll try), but we have an awesome variety and I’m constantly browsing and finding other cool things we want.

I’d like to showcase some of the awesome I have found and purchased, and will soon be planting. All of the following came from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Alisa Craig Onion

This is an onion. But not just any onion. This onion reaches unfathomable sizes regularly – apparently 5 pounds is pretty common. So, one of these is all the onion you need for a few weeks.




Wonderberry (or Sunberry)

The wonderberry. As if the name isn’t enough to make you want this in your garden (which it totally is for me), these small plants fruit from seed within 75 days. That’s less time than it takes to have an eggplant. I expect fruit to take longer because I think it’s better (ahem, sweeter) than vegetables, so being able to have fruit, nay even berries, in such a short period of time is nothing short of awesome.




To be honest, I’m still not very sure that I know what salsify is. I read about it in “The Food Lover’s Garden” by Mark Diacono whose philosophy is great: life is too short to grow ordinary food. I agree. He loves salsify and he sold me enough on his other wild varietis that I’d try this. It has a parsnip-like root and the top looks like grass, which means it will definitely have to be planted somewhere recognizable so we don’t confuse it with weeds.
This is another vegetable that you can eat pretty much every part of, from the young grassy shoots, the unopened flower buds, and the root.


Litchi Tomato

A type of garden berry, but the fruits are a more legitimate cherry tomato, since they taste like a cherry crossed with a tomato. The plants grow up to 5 feet tall and are pretty thorny with large flowers and cherry-sized fruit.




Honey Drip Sorghum

Originally from Africa. Press the canes and boil the juice down into a syrup. This will be a big experiment because I would imagine you might have to have quite a few of these to acquire enough juice for a large quantity of syrup, but I’d like to try for some.

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