Tampa Trash Rescue

Posted on January 23, 2012


I just put in an application for a microgrant of $1,000 with Awesome Tampa Bay for a project I called Tampa Trash Rescue.

Basically, Nate and I would like to trade out his car for a small truck. We would really love to start hauling organic waste from local supermarkets in addition to our few spots that provide us with compost already (Thanks Kaleisia and Starbucks!) and using that to create a mass of usable compost that will assist in making our yard a plot of food instead of sandy, weedy, grass.

The larger picture goal is that we grow enough to feed ourselves and then enough to have extra to donate to non profits that need produce, share with friends who are awesome (some of who need a meal more than others), and possibly sell some to end up with super awesome greens coming into the wallet as well as the garden.

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