But the one little duck with the feather on his back…

Posted on January 18, 2012


I really wish I had taken pictures of the coop in progress. I obviously wouldn’t bemoan this if I had done so, but the finished product is a hodge podge of entirely free lumber gathered from local dumpsters, a generously loaned saw from our neighbor Mike, and Nate’s mad carpenter skillz.


I painted it and believe it is quite a beauty to behold. I opted to paint it to help it look at least semi-decent and “classy” so that were any neighbor, or more important (since our neighbors are pretty cool minus the yapping small dogs in various places) a random passerby thinks that ducks aren’t allowed or something (who knows, they may well not be, but I know enough of Seminole Heights has chickens and rabbits for food, so I’m fairly certain ducklings will be a minor addition to that menagerie)…basically at least it will look like a small playhouse that will instead hold cute animals that lay us eggs rather than simply a box of reclaimed wood that looks…well, reclaimed at best.

The ducks won’t be here until the start of February (they ship January 30th and we are so excited!), but we have on the way 3 Golden 300 Hybrid Layers, 2 Welsh Harlequins, and 1 White Layer.

The Golden 300 Hybrid Layer is pretty much what it sounds like, some human-made cocktail of a duck bred to be the best egg layer super 3000 amazing thing. It provides any egg-laying chicken with a run for its money and has a less spastic temperament than the duck I was looking at getting (Khaki Campbell’s are apparently complete spazoids!) before I did a bit more research.

Welsh Harlequins will lay less eggs on average than the Golden 300’s, but they have the

calmest temperament of any decent egg-laying duck. They look to be a lighter color generally than the Goldens as well which will be nice for sheer distinguishing our ducky purposes.

I had ducks as pets when we lived in Maryland a long time ago and they were wicked cute, but we never got to the point of them laying eggs or being food before they were cat food. I’m glad that there isn’t an older sibling vying for eating the little critters that become so convinced that you’re momma so fast. I love meat, and I like eating duck, but not these guys (or gals as the case happens to be).

The White Layer is also a “made” duck that was bred to be high in egg-laying skillz, basically a white version of the Hybrid 300 that lays  a lower percentage of bluish eggs (when we get one of those, I’ll be sure to post a picture, but I’d imagine that’s a purely aesthetic thing rather than an inedible egg thing). They seem to look a lot like a Pekin duck, but are much smaller.

I thought it would be pretty fun to have a Mallard since they lay eggs as well, just not as many, but the boys are the pretty ones, so it would defeat the purpose of having a Mallard as a novelty.

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