Nate the Butcher

Posted on January 13, 2012


& while Nate is still hammering away on the duck coop, I am assembling spare 2x4s and metal mesh to create a rabbit hutch. I’m going tonight to pick up a female rabbit (there was going to be a pair, but the male was donated to a school already) who will have been bred, and if all goes well, will give birth to little tiny meaty bunnies in a month or so. By the time the ducklings arrive, we should be finding Nate a nice sharp cleaver so that he can butcher and skin some little rabbits for stewing and eating.

As much as Nate has never built a duck coop, I have never built a rabbit hutch, but I love power tools and assembling things, so despite a complete lack of blueprints or legitimate construction know-how, I am attempting to make as much of a haven for some fuzzy little food providers as I can in a short amount of time.

I’m planning to either get a New Zealand buck (male rabbit) or Altex buck to breed with the doe. I know there is at least a breeder of these two types in Brooksville and he sells the breeders fairly cheap compared to what I’ve seen in the area. If the parents get names, they won’t be for eating, but the babies will be called Stew or Soup or Fryer or other such things. As I told my students today, these animals will be loved until they are eaten, because “Happy meat is good meat.” Pretty sure they thought I was a bit loony for saying that, but someone also thought it was really cool that I could get a rabbit and keep it with the intent of eating its children.

I’ll be looking to Cole B. and Amanda B. for some good rabbit recipes and scouring the interwebs for delicious makings that will involve plants from our ever-expanding garden (our compost needs to HURRY UP! I can’t afford to go buy dirt, but our soil is terrrrible) as well as our future free(ish) meat.


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