My time is valuable, too

Posted on January 10, 2012


It seems to me that as I have learned to slow down a little bit (a lot a bit?) in my life, I have come to value my time much more than I did when I was running around at the speed of light double booking myself every other week for one thing or another. Emily even seems to think that I never have my phone on me and am completely unreliable when she tries to text or call me. Anyone that has known me for a few years might laugh at how awesome that is, since I used to talk about staring iPhones Anonymous or going to the doctor to get my phone tumor removed.

All of this is most likely because I have found things that are worth taking time to do that otherwise may have seemed slightly tedious or time consuming before, and consuming time wasn’t an option when I had so little of it left at the end of the day and was dozing off on strangers couches and metal tables and coffee shops in the dead of night.

Things like cleaning the kitchen…I most definitely still don’t like doing the dishes, but I’m at least learning to enjoy certain parts of cleaning the kitchen that come after having used the kitchen to make scrumptious meals or Nate has gone on a pickling escapade. Scratching up dirt in the yard by hand rather than renting a tiller make being dirty – in the most literal I’m covered in dirt because I’ve been sitting in it and digging in it sort of way – a very precious thing.

Today was a bit of an internal struggle as I realized that I work with a population that doesn’t really value time in general, theirs or my own. It isn’t uncommon to wait around for 40 minutes for a student to show up for a one-on-one meeting who was so insistent that they need help, but hardly turned in more than an assignment or 2 during the week and didn’t make a single phone call to the people who have the answers. I’m poor at teaching hard lessons, maybe especially because my pay is reliant on them getting things done, so I have incentive to bend rather than let them sink in a “sink or swim” situation.

One of my projects for this year is to make sure that I spend my time in such a way that I don’t regret any of the ways I’m spending it. There are things I’d like to be doing, but I currently love the ones I am doing so much that I don’t feel bad about not working on those other projects. I would like to learn Spanish and practice guitar and violin more, but currently digging in the dirt and reading books on homesteading is a priority for me, and a priority because I just enjoy it. I hope everyone can be comfortable in the way they spend their time and relish in the moments that are just good and time well spent.

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