First Time Freeganism

Posted on January 4, 2012


Emily with the lot of it.

I’m reading The Art and Science of Dumpster Diving by John Hoffman, as mentioned in the previous post. I decided that I had to go dumpster diving last night at 11 pm in the cold and I brought Emily Duke, the roommate along.Her reaction progressed as follows:

“I can’t believe you’re dragging me into this.” (which I wasn’t, by the way, she agreed to come of her own will of course)

“We are so gonna get arrested.”

“You want me to just hop up in there? That’s gotta be the most exciting part, right?!”

Needless to say, once there is a few good finds, even someone pretty skeptical of the whole thing is hooked.

As a testament to the things we pulled from a single dumpster at 11 pm, I’ll have you know that in perfectly edible (mostly not even past due or if past due only by 1 day) food, we obtained what would have cost $100.81 in the store. That’s insane. Insanely good for us, because I don’t have to buy potatoes to make a dish for a get together and I could make an apple pie with the perfectly good bag of apples minus the one that was slightly too bruised to eat, and Nate is excited about the 2 nice cucumbers he can use to further his obsession with pickling everything, and we were out of eggs, but we obtained a solid 2 1/2 dozen (plus 3) that had a solid month before they were expired, but because a few eggs broke in the carton, they threw them all out.


Did you know that if an egg or two breaks in the carton, the whole thing gets tossed.


I didn’t even need a flashlight because the lot was so well lit. Emily was wary and then was eager to climb on in.


The backseat of my car. In addition to edible, we brought home 4 boxes full of melon rinds and non-edibles that will make excellent additions to our compost pile.


Washed off, these eggs are as pristine as any factory bleached egg will ever be.


How is it Emily? “It’s fine. I don’t get it….it’s a good apple.”


A solid $20 or so worth of free fresh fruit smoothie courtesy of our first dumpstering adventure.

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