Not Exactly Resolved

Posted on December 31, 2011


I’m a resolute person in certain areas, certain things – but anyone who knows me decently well knows that there are certain ways in which resolutions would be completely stupid for me to even consider.

God knows I am a Jill of all trades and a master of none. I hop from hobby to hobby with vigor and joy. Heaven forbid you tell me to follow through with something I’ve started if I’ve found something else more interesting.

I have started and never used/finished/continued:

  1. Learning to play bagpipes
  2. Learning to play harmonica
  3. Learning Spanish (Sorry David!)
  4. Re-learning German (Sorry Michaela!)
  5. Learning to spin Poi
  6. Learning to throw clay
  7. Playing the violin (I was in orchestra for one semester and quit after that because I felt terrible for never practicing)
  8. Learning how to knit and how to crochet (I made maybe 1/8th of a large blanket and have no idea what happened to it)

There are, I am certain, many other things to add to this list that I can’t think of because they’ve been buried under plenty of other things. I like to learn and I’ve never been very good at limiting that learning or not moving on to the next fascinating thing.

So far gardening has taken the cake on the thing that I have dived into feet first and so far not drown or gotten out of the pool.

Basically, I’m not so much making a list of new year’s resolutions as I am goals of assorted things that I am interested in and would like to do. Some of them are or may be doable in the near future, maybe even in 2012, but some of them won’t be, and I don’t expect them to get done in any foreseeable timeframe, but they are things I would like to learn or take part in…simply because I want a rich and fulfilling life.

  1. Finish grouting the backsplash in the kitchen (definitely a legit 2012 goal)
  2. Learn how to pickle (Nate has this down, but I’d like to get a bit handy with it, too)
  3. Make usable pieces on the pottery wheel (glazed, fired, and all)
  4. Grow grapes and make homemade wine (the muscat grapes have already been bought and are on their way!)
  5. Build paths in the side and backyard to clearly distinguish the garden
  6. Have fondue in our new fondue pot
  7. Build coop and house ducks for eggs (Khaki Campbell are my current leanings based on research)
  8. Grow alfalfa, Japanese millet, and other grains to feed said ducks sustainably
  9. Bring in at least 40% of our produce from the crops in our yard
  10. Plant flowers along the front fence
  11. Consider bee keeping for honey – if that happens – consider creating mead with said honey. (BTW did you know that eating local honey will help reduce your allergies greatly? True story.)
  12. Finish enough pieces of art to have my art on the walls at Kaleisia
  13. Teach a Tampa Free Skool class on how to make art canvases from scratch
  14. Produce enough veggies and fruit to share with our neighbors and people on the street
  15. Hold some legit tea parties for little girls complete with crumpets and all that jazz
  16. Seriously invest in more belly laughter
  17. Read all the books that I own (this doesn’t include Nate’s books…I have no interest in reading some of those books)
  18. Bike and walk more
  19. Sell some sweet stuff I make on Etsy for realsies
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