Baby, it’s [sort of] cold outside…

Posted on December 23, 2011


It is always a wee bit difficult to believe that it is so close to Christmas when I’m in Tampa. It’s too warm for long sleeves most days and sometimes it feels too warm for pants and tee shirts even. Emily Duke exclaimed of our garden, “You can plant things in December here?!” and having become somewhat obsessed with yarding, gardening, planting, or whatever we’ll call it as of late, I’ll admit I always thought of Autumn as a dead season for growing things. Instead it seems that much of our yard is working hard and flourishing well.

Emily will be gone for Christmas. I’m driving her to the airport early in the morning so she can go back to Bumpkinville, KY to spend the holidays with her family. Our other roommates Justin and Landon, I assume are doing their respective “own” things since they don’t interact with the rest of the house too much. We are housing one of Nate’s best friends Jay for the season. A day bed for the nook would have been a great idea, but alas we have cute tiny wooden chairs from the antique store down the way and a tea table for serving guests tea. The couch will have to suffice. At least there are no longer yapping marsupials in the living room to keep guests awake at all hours. Thank God for small blessings I’d never anticipated to be so great.

I am in theory creating cinnamon rolls from scratch for Christmas breakfast. We will be joining the Amanda-Peni-Greg house for presents sometime the day after tomorrow. Nate and I determined to teach those of the group who did not grow up celebrating Christmas with stockings and yearly traditions a thing or two about the holiday. Namely that Christmas stockings are great and fun and good.

Hoping that this year has brought many blessings to you and that even through the difficulties (they’re there for each of us) you have been blessed with wisdom and clarity and perspective.

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