Earth & Tree Colored

Posted on December 15, 2011


I have been self-described and described by others as earth toned. I truly am earth toned lately as all the dirt under my nails and between my toes is difficult to remove, even in the shower as I scrub scrub scrub. Yard day is nearly every day and it is not tedious, but therapeutic, enough so that I have been waking up before 9 am without an alarm some mornings – something practically unheard of in my life.

I smell like coffee grounds, rich compost, and tea leftovers from generous Kaleisia who donates their steeped tea for our compost pile as we come to collect it.

The epic sand spur eradication is a slow process, but I have dumped probably 5-6 5-gallon buckets of sand spur plants into the garbage can that have been dug up straight from the ground. Despite other methods (smothering with cardboard and mulch) that we have employed on a smaller scale – sadly, it does appear that raking up the dead ones and digging up the whole plant is in fact the best way to get rid of them. That and just pick the spurs off the bottom of your shoes when you come in the house and toss them out.

We are hosting a Free Skool class tomorrow and Saturday night. Tomorrow Nate is teaching about the weird bits of mainstream religion and Saturday we are having a gift swap with anyone in the Tampa area that would like to come.

Happy holidays and winter crops everybody! I’ll let you know when the veggies start rolling in.

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