Posted on December 13, 2011


Richard is awesome. I don’t know his last name, but I do know that he is the cheeriest “homeless” guy I’ve ever met. I wouldn’t technically consider him homeless, because I know he camps in the woods, and as far as much of the world is concerned, a tent is a home, and a good one at that.

He hangs out on the corner of Howard and Kennedy and Armenia and Kennedy alternately. I was hoping that he would be there today because I went grocery shopping and grabbed a box of granola bars for him. In the holiday spirit, he is now wearing a Santa Hat while he waves and smiles at people (he always does, and flashes the peace sign like a wave) and he wrote “Have a Merry Christmas” on the back of his newspaper sign.

I don’t know if he remembers my name all the time, but he knows our cars (mine especially is hard to forget) and is always happy to see us.

I can’t wait to give him his Christmas present 🙂

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