Yuletide Yankee Gift Swap – You’re Invited!

Posted on December 3, 2011


Anyone in Tampa (but especially people I know and love, duh!) is invited to my lovely boot-legged home for a Yuletide Yankee Gift Swap on December 17th at 6 pm. Our address is available for directions after RSVP (it would be helpful to know approximate number of attendees), and I can provide them (sorta – best not to ask me for directions, really. ever.) if you call or text me at 813-528-0669 or email chetelatc@gmail.com.

Bring a gift with value of no more than $10 (or only slightly more, but realize that is at your own discretion) and any drinks/snacks that you might like to share. There will be mulled cider and a few other refreshments. I’d like to encourage you to not just bring cheap gag gifts, but find something cool for cheap that you might imagine everyone fighting over and stealing from people (because that’s what you do in a Yankee Swap, is steal the cool presents) like the $10 cast iron tea pot I brought to my first Yankee Swap or the legit sword that Nate brought (and Duke was very sad that she didn’t get).

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