Spanish Speaking Parrots

Posted on November 29, 2011


I worked this morning to the tune (literally) of a Spanish speaking, cat-calling parrot that lives around the corner. Whistles every few seconds with an interspersed “Hola!” made me laugh. There is much for me to learn about my current profession – this contractor thing is cool and all, but I’m not as sure how to motivate teenagers (who are inherently hard to motivate) when they don’t even show up to prescribed meeting times and places.

I am quite convinced that the more often I refer to our yard as a “garden,” the more it will resemble one. Working hard and composting a great deal and laying down cardboard boxes and layering dirt and compost over them to kill weeds and sand spurs surely helps, but it does not a cutesy country cottage garden make. Regardless, I have still gone from a heinously overgrown mess to a few plots of sprouts and seedlings.

One of my contractor roach-killing kittens (I am assuming it’s a kitten because a person would likely have the decency to tell me where a kitten would not) knocked over the best bowl I have made on the pottery wheel thus far. I nearly cried when I went outside and found only shards all over the carport. Ah well, I suppose I will have to make a better one. Since the sugar gliders were purchased as my birthday gift, when I sell them to a sweet person who will love them for longer than I did (at least enough to put up with their poop and still want to cuddle them), I will then hopefully acquire a kiln to fire our projects in. Not entirely sure where we will put that as our carport is amazingly full of stuff despite how large it is, but we shall find a place.

I have been simmering the turkey carcass on the stove for hours to make a broth only to realize that I have no carrots or much of anything else to put into a soup. Both onions and carrots are cheap, so it will be another cheap meal gotten out of the Thanksgiving leftovers. It was the first Thanksgiving meal I made the main dish for. Duke made a great many things for the first time that I only did prep work for, and we don’t own a microwave. We got everything cooked, and it was all hot on the table at the same time. Not bad for having one oven, two cooks, and zero microwaves, I’d say.

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