Posted on November 23, 2011


& by humming i mean bumbling and bumping into things & wondering how on earth i will pull off a meal with as many dishes as america expects tomorrow
all made easier, i suppose, by the fact that there will likely only be a whopping 4 people here to eat it

something about so few people makes it seem so less a holiday and more like a cooking spree
that is maybe just intended to be one raucous day so that i don’t have to even think about cooking the rest of the week

oh but wait, i dont care so much about the cooking part as i do about the dishes part.
we have reached a boiling point and a breaking point about simplistic household chores

to the point of wanting to smash plates or buy paper ones that we can just burn in the fire pit out back
because i do not do housewife well when i work between 30 and 50 hours a week depending on how many people care about graduating high school

actually, i just don’t do housewife very well. codependency breeds good housekeeping and not taking into account other people’s responsibilities
boundaries appear to breed a “wash your own dish” attitude with a side of “this is not my laundry nor my mess so i shall not touch it”

and a heaping spoonful of “oh man i love you but that is my pillow and if you get all your shed hair on it again i will beat you with it until we are both crying so hard we start to laugh”

monogamy and marriage creates tension like walking a tightrope of spaghetti noodles
’tis a good thing that i love me some pasta and had good balance in gymnastics class.

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