Posted on November 17, 2011


The most recent undertakings around the Tampa House (as I have dubbed our place) are Spanish lessons (taking them, not giving them) and learning how to use the pottery wheel that was gifted to us.

I have personally decided that throwing clay is the most difficult of hobbies that I have undertaken. That whole adage about God being the potter and we being the clay hasn’t done much for the image of God and his abilities around these parts. At least not when I am the potter that image is being modeled after, because thus far I’m a pretty terrible potter. Even pouring slip molds is difficult when you make the slip yourself from clay scraps. You can buy it already made, but I’m already buying clay to use, let’s not get ridiculous and go buying watered down clay to top it all off.

Watching various YouTube videos and other potters has helped somewhat, but it also can be quite frustrating to watch something seem to magically form in their hands when all you end up with half the time is a wobbly lump that may start out the size of both fists and be no bigger than a golf ball by the time you finally get it centered correctly. In the learning stages even when we’ve been so accomplished as to make some form, however uneven and wobbly, it makes me want to spit when I feel good and then go back to the wheel and know it won’t be any easier than the last time, even though I made something vaguely resembling a bowl with a supremely crooked bottom.

I am coming to terms with the fact that Nate is better at this than I am so far, but I am also confident that this is not like scrabble and that my determination will at least aid me in meeting his level of skill, if not to surpass it.

Spanish lessons are another topic altogether. So far what I’ve learned is this:

cansado is tired. cazado is hunted. casado is married. … sounds about right, no?

Yo estoy un desastré caliente.

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