Thanksgiving With No Turkey?

Posted on November 17, 2011


This will be my first year making the turkey by myself.

So far, I have no turkey.

So far, I have nothing to cook a big turkey in (I have the oven, but not the pot/pan/thing).

So far, I have no stuffing, not enough sweet potatoes for anything, not enough apples for pie, no green beans at all for casserole, and pretty much nothing except for a frozen pumpkin pie that I made the other day at the Free Skool class.

It’s all gravy, though. I’ve realized that I feel far more attached to Christmas than any other holiday and since we don’t even have a microwave (which I’m pleased about), having leftovers would be quite the inconvenience in some sense. That and the only thing I ever really liked to have around for a long time was apple pie or sweet potato pie (we call your casserole a pie. Get over it.) so, who cares?!

Maybe we should just make some of the 15-17 strip steaks and scallops we have in our freezer. Because not having a turkey at all and panicking about it is a first world problem I’ll try not to get too involved in.

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